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Hair Colour Educator London

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Hair Colour Courses London

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Hair Colour Consultation Expert

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Hair Colour Business Trainer

Colour Educator UK

Hair Colour Educator UK

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Hair Colour Techniques Training

Hair Business Courses

Colour Consultation Training

Hair Colour Consultation Training

Colour Consultation Courses

Hair Colour Consultation Courses

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Hair Colour Expert London

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Carolyn is proud to be a member of the Hairdotcom Artistic Team.

We are a collaborative art team from around the world that works together on events, shows, shoots and session work as well as educating through Hairdotcom Art Team for brands, online and in person courses. Our ethos is to bring the industry together and showing the true power of collaboration.
By combining the talents of individual hairdressers from across the world, Hairdotcom aims to change the face of the hairdressing industry by creating the first ever collective Art Team.
The unique team will be unrestricted by brand association and will reflect the core values of well-being and collaboration not competition in order to deliver the highest standards and break down barriers for both companies and individuals alike.
Today, Hairdotcom Art Team is spearheaded by Craig Chapman and Ashleigh Hodges, with Errol Douglas MBE, one of the most respected names in the industry, as Team Ambassador.
Under Craig and Ashleigh’s guidance, the brand has cemented its presence in the industry following its nomination for Artistic Team of the Year at the prestigious 2018 British Hairdressing Awards.
With this year seeing the launch of Hairdotcom Art Team’s education prospectus and welcoming Carolyn Newman as Education Manager, opportunities have been opened up for everyone to learn from this diverse creative Art Team.
Tap into our creative team for all that you need via our website:  or email
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